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Lindsey Kirk

Lindsey has a BS from the University of Georgia (GO DAWGS!) and began her career in financial services in the mailroom at an insurance wholesaling firm. She has held positions as a Mailroom Manager, Annuity New Business Director, Long Term Care Marketer, Annuity Marketer, Vice President of Operations and Chief Operating Officer. In her 19 years in the financial services industry, she has worked for Regions Bank, Allianz Life, Gameplan Financial Marketing, and currently Legend Financial Marketing Services. She also had the opportunity to work as a Hospitality Staff Member for The Atlanta Braves. In her work as an agent, a marketer, and a leader in operations, she has found that she is happiest in roles where she is assisting others with their success.  She’s done it all, from operations to sales and marketing, and her 5+ years with Legend have given her even more experience across the financial services industry.

At Legend, Lindsey runs the operations and service side of the business, managing the administrative teams that are charged with processing the new business for our clients. She also creates and implements the procedures for all processing. Lindsey is extremely thorough in her follow through and her focus on not letting things “slip through the cracks”. She is very resourceful and has developed many methods for keeping organized and focused while assisting clients. In fact, that’s her favorite part of her job, finding the appropriate strategy for a client.

Lindsey loves to travel on the weekends, and she enjoys spending time with her husband, Stu and two daughters, Audrey 14, and Reese 11, doing fun activities like singing, video scrapbooking, and glamping.